Estonia and Perzina at the Seminar of Piano Technicians in Moscow

Seminar of Russian piano technician was held in Moscow on January 26-29, 2015. 
ExpoTone and Association of Russian Piano Masters headed by its President Vladimir Karpovich Chastnykh acted as the arrangers of this event. 
Such legendary brands of piano building as Estonia and Perzina were presented to the seminar’s audience.
A world-famous piano factory Estonia is still located in Tallinn. In 2001 it was reorganized and purchased by European pianist Indrek Laul who has become the sole owner of the factory. His father, professor Venno Laul, who has been holding the position of the Dean of Tallinn Music Academy for ten years, was appointed as the Director General of the factory. 

Another well-knows piano factory with 150-year history Perzina (Germany, Schwerin) was purchased by a Dutch businessman Ron Bol in 1993.
Today, Perzina grand and upright pianos are one of a few specially designed instruments, which possess warm, melodious, surrounding sound due to the reverse crown soundboard.

Famous piano technician Ludwig Vasicek (Germany) held the two-day seminar devoted to Estonia brand. 

During this seminar the audience was demonstrated the works for adjustment of piano action:
- general cleaning of the instrument and piano action
- control and fastening of screws
- check-up and bedding of keyframe and balance-rail
- check-up of tension in the mechanic axes 
- adjustment of front rail punching и key bushing, check-up of pin holes on pinblock
- adjustment of hammers, elimination of hammer shank free motion, check-up of percussion angle, alignment of hammer head position
- placing of the keyframe to necessary level
- adjustment of jack, let-off and drop distance, backcheck, regulation of jack tail and damper timing
- checkup and adjustment of damper and pedal systems
- voicing
- piano concert pitch

At the end of the seminar the audience was able to listen to a grate sound of Estonia L210 grand piano. The compositions of L. Beethoven, F. Liszt were performed by Polina Kulikova, postgraduate of P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, winner of international contests, student of People’s artist of Russia, professor V. V. Gornostaeva.

This talented pianist impersonate all performer’s tasks and demonstrated in each composition a unique timbre of filled with emotions sound of grand piano. 
The ESTONIA brand seminar ended with the presentation of personal certificates of the factory-manufacturer.

ExpoTone would like to thank the Estonia Embassy in Moscow in the person of Jüri Luik, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia in the Russian Federation and Dmitry Mironov, counselor for culture for providing the ESTONIA grand piano for the event.
The Perzina Brand Seminar was held by Stoil Popov (Netherlands).
Ron Bol, the owner of the factory, made a speech at the beginning of the event. During the presentation he showed video materials related to building of grand and upright Perzina pianos, described in details the factory, instrument production processes, and demonstrated the materials used in production.

Perzina GP 152 grand piano was shown at the technical seminar. 
Stoil Popov highlighted the main stages for regulation and adjustment of piano action to the Russian masters: 
- key bed and key board alignment
- leveling of keyboard, check-up of friction in mechanics axes 
- damper system adjustment 
- pedal system adjustment 
- voicing
- piano concert pitch 

At the end of the seminar Diana and Kristina Avanesyan, the students of P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, tutored by the People’s artist of Russia, professor A.Z. Bonduryansky performed the compositions of W.A. Mozart and S. Prokofiev.

We would like to emphasize that this instrument is the smallest one in the line of Perzina grand pianos. The audience pointed that this instrument filled the concert hall with the sound due to the fact, that it has a complete spectral range, offered rich overtones and broad dynamic range.  
The seminar of piano masters was ended with the presentation of personal certificates.

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